Who are we?

Fridays for future is a youth movement for the defence of our planet, a student initiative on a European scale that aims to focus attention on the environmental crisis our planet is going through. The scientific community has been warning us for years that we are heading for an uncertain, unpredictable but certain catastrophic climate situation.

Our objectives

Limit 2030

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union 80% by 2030 in order to reach a net 0 by 2035 and to adapt European climate legislation accordingly.

Frontiers to Gases

Include an import duty on products** according to the greenhouse gases emitted during production.

1.5º Limit

No free trade agreement will be signed with partner countries that do not follow a 1.5º compatible route according to the Climate Action Tracker.

Education as a basis

Free educational materials on climate change to understand the scale of the problem we face.

Would you like to know more?

Take a look to our open call and read our manifest.

Our manifest

Latest Posts

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